Vitamin A Benefits: What Vitamin A Is Good For

What’s the point of Vitamin A? Is it a necessity or just a health fad that people love talking about? Well, if you like having the sense of sight, you should probably make sure you have enough! Besides vision, there are a lot of other Vitamin A benefits.

Vitamin A is also important for reproduction, bone development, and immune system health. In addition to this, it helps organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs function properly. Since Vitamin A is fat-soluble, excess amounts are stored in the liver. This means that too much can be a problem so make sure you are getting enough but not too much!

According to the recommended daily intake for a male is 900 mcg and 700 mcg for females. If you are eating a proper diet, you should be getting enough. If not, you may benefit from supplements. Let’s take a look at some foods with Vitamin A to see how you’re doing.

Vitamin A in Food

  • Liver – If you’re into liver and onions, you’ll get a big hit of Vitamin A in the process
  • Orange Veggies – Sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, squash
  • Leafy Greens – Collards, kale, spinach
  • Fruits – Cantaloupe, apricots, goji berries

This is a partial list of the most common high content Vitamin A in food. These will help you reach the levels. Here is a full list for your convenience. If you are looking for an easier way, check out the vitamin supplements below.

Vitamin A Benefits

There has been plenty of research on Vitamin A benefits. To see an extensive overview – check this out.

  • Reduced Cancer Risk – Studies have shown that getting enough Vitamin A can reduce your risk of cancer – especially lung cancer. The research specifically looked at foods with vitamin A rather than supplements. In addition, there is a possible link to lowered risk of prostate cancer. Getting your Vitamin A benefits from food will do a lot of good!
  • Age Related Macular Degeneration – Losing vision as we age is something that many people deal with. Getting enough Vitamin A can reduce the chances of this happening! In food or supplement form, research has shown promising results for maintaining vision as we age.
  • Helps Measles – Getting enough Vitamin A can reduce the chances of a serious case of measles. Of course, in countries with vaccination protocols, this isn’t much of a problem. But in areas of the world without this luxury, getting enough Vitamin A can be the difference or life and death in a measles case.

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